Anna Minx obtained an MAT from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, MO. She has a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis. In her work, she explores the technological kaleidoscope through which we view and interpret our world. The work investigates the aesthetic potential between the notions of perception and truth by collecting documentation, processing, reprocessing, and projecting it to create alternate experiences. Common themes such as portraits, social and environmental phenomena are prevalent because of their ubiquity and simultaneous ability to yield a multitude of perspectives. The manifestation of her work can range from as prismatic, immersive installations to documentary.



As an art educator, she strives to create a positive environment that engages her students, promotes curiosity, and the exploration of their ideas through visual art. Her approach is child-centered and largely influenced by the Teaching for Artistic Behavior. Anna’s students are encouraged to observe the world around them and respond through the media that most appeals to them. Anna’s instructional approach often incorporates STEAM and other interdisciplinary activities.




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